Rhinestone Cowgirl


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Dolly Parton Style Rhinestone Cowgirl costume

  • Iridescent Foil Print: The dress is adorned with an iridescent foil print, giving it a shimmering, eye-catching appearance.
  • Fringe Off-Shoulder Trim: The dress features a fringe trim along the off-shoulder neckline, adding a playful and Western-inspired touch.
  • Bell Sleeves: The sleeves are designed in a bell shape, which is a distinctive style often associated with bohemian and Western fashion.
  • Velvet Trim: The dress incorporates velvet trim, providing a luxurious and tactile contrast to the iridescent foil material.
  • Concho Embellishment and Sequined Embroidery: These intricate details likely add a touch of authenticity and flair to the costume, capturing the essence of cowgirl style.
  • Matching Cowgirl Hat: The set includes a cowgirl hat, completing the look and complementing the dress.
  • Western Belt (Three-Piece Set): The ensemble also includes a Western-style belt, which may feature additional embellishments or details, further enhancing the outfit.
  • Boots not included

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